MBO Cinemas unveils a futuristic cinematic experience at the Starling

The talk of town has to be the radical motion seats. Experience an adrenaline rush with built-in effects such as rumbler, water blast, seat popper, back poker, leg ticklers and air blast. Immerse yourself in the moment as the theatre is also equipped with special effects like air blast, wind, neck tickler, scent, strobe and fog.


The MX4D Seat with motion EFX promises a whole new experience and we couldn’t agree more!

Equipped with 3 types of seats (twin sofa beds, standard and bean seats), the hall provides an unforgettable movie-going experience for your little ones. Generous space in between rows and strategically placed lights keep the place safe for the kids to play. A built-in playground – complete with a slide sits at the foot of the row of seats to keep restlessness at bay. Audio in the hall is deliberately softer than regular so parents and kids can hear each other.


The Diaper Changing facility located right outside the hall shows that MBO Cinemas takes little people seriously.


300 square feet of screen lit by Barco RGB Laser Projection coupled with DOLBY ATMOS is pure pleasure. Be mesmerised by sharper images, enhanced brightness, contrast and colour performance on the country’s largest screen.


Size matters and the winner is clearly at the Starling.


Luxurious, elegant reclining sofa leather chairs and movable side tables make this hall a winner any time, any day! Tickets come with an exclusive snack bag.

Pick a hall and get your tickets today!